In starting Bellingham Wallace, we knew good enough wasn’t even close to what we wanted to be for our clients. Yes, we bring best practice accountancy to the table. But our greatest ambition, however, is to add more to the business of accounting through fresh thinking and expansive strategies that are unrestricted by tradition or outdated principles.

We add more to the business of accounting

Our highly experienced team are more than just accountants; they get up every day to make a positive difference to the people, businesses and communities they work with. Because for us it's about so much more than the numbers, and it's about so much more than the advice. It's about giving you access to people who have the experience to work at the cross section of both with integrity and generosity of spirit. Enjoy Bellingham Wallace’s exacting standards across:

Our alliance with The Icehouse

The Icehouse was named one of the top 10 start-up business growth centres in the world by Forbes magazine and has successfully worked with 4000 ambitious owner-managers - from start-ups to established multi-million dollar companies. Bellingham Wallace is proud to work alongside such an leading edge organisation and of our contribution to help strengthen the capabilities and confidence of Kiwi business owner managers. Read more >

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  • Succession - that old chestnut

    August 15, 2014

    It’s been on the tip of many an owner’s tongue, but the conversation is still being avoided…and so is any action. It should be an agenda item for every board, with appropriate time allocated depending on how ‘hot’ the issue is. If not, then do you have a truly independent board, or is the owner essentially the tail that wags the dog?

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Business Elevator Event Date: September 01, 2014

Fuel growth and add rigour to your business planning. This coaching is suitable for business owners, directors and managers who want to elevate their business to higher levels of growth and become better equipped to make powerful decisions regarding the future performance of their business.

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Meet Our Team

Graham Lawrence

Graham is our resident tax expert and specialises in coming with innovative solutions to complex tax problems.

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