Two heads are better than one, and you'll find our Auckland-based team of 30 business advisors and accountants is far better still! Every member of our accounting and advisory team is not only a grade-A accountant, they are also an grade-A person. We believe the best work is done by people who love what they do and who enjoy hanging out with the people they work with. It is because of our business advisors that we are able to deliver such exacting and inspired service.

  • Aaron Wallace
    Aaron Wallace

    The Wallace part of the Bellingham Wallace partnership could not be further from your traditional bean counter accountant if he tried. The first thing you'll notice upon meeting Aaron is his gale force enthusiasm and abundant sense of humour. Start working with him and you and your business won't be a stranger for long.

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  • Matt Bellingham
    Matt Bellingham

    To be at the forefront of business improvement takes a high level of skill and knowledge across many many areas, a natural curiosity and a restless intellect.  That's Matt Bellingham to a T. Matt's career has been stellar from his early days, with the aforementioned qualities driving him to add business advice to his accountancy practice early on.

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  • Mike Atkinson
    Mike Atkinson

    To make a positive difference to your business, sometimes all you need is someone with a fresh pair of eyes and a sharp business mind to make it happen. Someone like Mike Atkinson, a Chartered Accountant who has a wealth of practical experience and commercial know-how, plus an uncanny knack for cutting complex issues down to size.

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  • Graham Lawrence
    Graham Lawrence

    Great tax advice should be insightful. It should generate strategies and actions that not only protect a business,but also help it confidently move forward. So it's a good thing that we have Graham on our team, someone who lives and breathes tax. 

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  • Yuline Little
    Yuline Little

    An accomplished business advisor accountant, Yuline enjoys extraordinary commitment and loyalty from her clients (over thirty years in some cases). A true sign of how immersed she is in their lives, and how valuable she has become over the years.

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  • Fono Sosene
    Fono Sosene

    From helping start-ups punch well above their weight, to getting established businesses to their next stage of growth, Fono has a positive impact on every client he looks after.

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  • Ash Clarke
    Ash Clarke

    Ash's down-to-earth approach and ability to combine fresh, innovative thinking with a bottom-line focus is what sets him apart from other accountants.

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  • Rachel Bradburn
    Rachel Bradburn

    Before she was an accountant Rachel was a physiologist, which explains why she is insight-hungry and so focused on performance improvement.

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  • neeraj-patel
    Neeraj Patel

    As an accounting professional with over 15 years’ experience, Neeraj provides advice to his clients to help them grow their businesses, whilst ensuring their financial reports comply with New Zealand and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

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