The Wallace part of the Bellingham Wallace partnership could not be further from your traditional bean counter accountant if he tried. The first thing you'll notice upon meeting Aaron is his gale force enthusiasm and abundant sense of humour. Start working with him and you and your business won't be a stranger for long.

Aaron's career started at Hayes Knight after which he took a senior position overseas at Old Mutual, an FTSE listed company with offices in the UK. Aaron and Matt Bellingham's paths crossed when Aaron returned to Hayes Knight in 2001.

This level of experience has taught Aaron to appreciate and embrace the practical issues facing business. He's most interested in helping clients set their three- to five-year objectives, injecting fresh ideas into their business, helping build their brand, uncovering new ways to sell more to many more, assisting businesses with their strategic planning and implementing effective governance frameworks.

He takes a similar approach when tackling specialist jobs, including business valuations, succession planning and due diligence assignments. Breaking away from the traditional business consultant role in favour of being more relevant has led to far more powerful outcomes for his clients.

Breaking away from the traditional in favour of being more relevant has led to far more powerful outcomes for Aaron's clients

Thanks to his experience in the area of succession planning, Aaron was invited by the Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand to lead a national initiative aimed at up-skilling the accounting profession in this discipline in 2005 and 2008. The subsequent course work has since been acknowledged and published by Brookers (now Thomson Reuters).  Aaron's dedication to the betterment of the profession has most recently seen him appointed to sit on the  External Reporting Advisory Panel (XRAP), which champions the pursuit of fit-for-purpose financial reporting standards.

But it is governance where Aaron's true passion lies. An active member of the Institute of Directors, Aaron sits on a number of advisory boards where he has been invited to share not only his experience, but also inject his formidable energy and commercial know-how. 

When he's not throwing himself at his work, Aaron can usually be found somewhere off Auckland's coast boating, fishing or diving—his three biggest passions. Married to the ever patient Annabelle, Aaron also adds World's Greatest Dad to Xavier and Finn to his curriculum vitae.

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DDI: +64 9 379 1580  
M:    +64 21 711 501 
E:     aaronw@bellinghamwallace.co.nz

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