An accomplished business advisor and accountant, Yuline enjoys extraordinary commitment and loyalty from her clients (over thirty years in some cases). A true sign of how immersed she is in their lives, and how valuable she has become over the years.

Yuline's biggest strength is the empathy she has for her clients, which fuels her initiative and drives her to continually "add more" to make a positive difference to their lives and businesses.

Yuline has a special interest in trusts. Trusts, how they are managed and the way they are structured can impact businesses, families and individuals - so accuracy is everything and Yuline doesn't miss a thing.

An approved mentor, the team benefits immensely from her wise council and unfaltering encouragement. Understandably Yuline's biggest reward is seeing the fantastic progress made by our graduates and team members.

Yuline and her husband Euan both have the travel bug, so when they are not enjoying time with their children and grandchildren, they are busy planning their next adventure. Next stop...

Make contact with Yuline

DDI: +64 9 379 1585 
M:    +64 21 063 1363
E: yulinel@bellinghamwallace.co.nz

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