Date: 2 Dec 2014
With ongoing changes to employment legislation and our tax systems, payroll is one of the most challenging responsibilities a business faces each year. It's also incredibly time consuming and a guaranteed source of frustration, so let us take care of it for you.
Reap the rewards


Reap the rewards of our payroll management service from day one

Entrusting us to look after your payroll comes with several benefits, including:

  • Your payroll data is held off-site where it is safe, secure and beyond the reach of employees. 
  • The cost of software licenses and software updates or installs is eliminated.
  • The cost and need for system training and up-keep is removed.
  • Peace of mind that you no longer need to keep up with complex payroll legislation.
  • On hand advice and support when you need it.
  • The time, cost and energy spent preparing complex payroll calculations and reconciliations is eliminated.
  • Payslips are personalised and easily distributed to your  employees designated email addresses.

What does our payroll management service include?

We can take control over your entire payroll process or only be involved as much as you need us, including:

  • We can process the payroll as per your schedule, handle the tax calculations, KiwiSaver and other statutory deductions.
  • We can provide you with direct credit schedules for easy upload and online payment of staff.
  • We can set up and provide department/costing reports.
  • We can maintain leave accruals & balances for all employees.
  • We can manage and ensure all your IRD obligations are filed, plus work-out the final figure for you to pay.
  • Set up a login for management to view all data & reports at all times.
  • We can provide a certificate of earnings.

and get a fresh take on accounting

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