Date: 20 May 2014
A good CFO can propel a business into new growth and profitability. But this level of expertise is normally beyond the reach of many businesses, until now, that is.
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Introducing a new breed of CFO

Having access to a Virtual CFO is a cost effective way to secure an experienced business advisor who can provide valuable strategic insight, plus introduce best practice systems and reporting that will have a positive impact on overall business performance.

As well as providing you with the fundamental financial management resources and support your organisation needs. Our Virtual CFO service makes sound business sense:

Our Virtual CFO service is cost effective from day one

Adopting our Virtual CFO model would create significant cost savings. If we assume a CFO salary of say $200,000 you can expect a saving of a minimum of $100,000 and possibly more, depending on the capability of your existing team. These savings would go straight to your organisation's bottom line. In addition to this, you also eliminate all the hidden costs of employment, which are generally 25-40% over an above the base rate.

A Virtual CFO means fewer obligations as an employer

Our Virtual CFO model will give your organisation access to the skills and experience it needs without having to take on the responsibilities of an employer. On-going training and development, employee leave, employee satisfaction, performance management, career progression: all the associated costs and time spent managing these types of HR issues are effectively removed.

Our Virtual CFO service gives SMEs access to specialist skills and expertise

Accurate, reliable and timely financial statements are a given. However, adopting our Virtual CFO model would also give your organisation access to Bellingham Wallace's entire arsenal of expertise, including:

  • Specialist tax advice
  • Strategic planning and forecasting
  • Budgeting and cash flow management
  • Capital raising
  • Corporate governance
  • Return on Investment calculations and special projects
  • KPI management and more

In short, the breadth and level of experience available through Bellingham Wallace cannot be achieved by a single CFO.

Greater responsiveness comes with a Virtual CFO

The Virtual CFO model means that your organisation will have a dedicated team looking after its day to day needs - a team that is on-hand every day of the working week. This means the inconvenience of sick leave and annual leave is eliminated.


and get a fresh take on accounting

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