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Raising equity: how to measure business worth

Posted by Aaron Wallace on December 20, 2016

If someone asked you how much your business is worth - and they will if you're trying to raise equity - could you provide a confident answer? Determining the value of a business is difficult, because there’s much more to a business’s worth than cash flow. Even if you’re regularly turning over a healthy profit, this is no guarantee that your business is worth more than another business that is just breaking even.

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Topics: Business Valuation, Raising Capital

Important issues to consider when dividing up relationship property

Posted by Aaron Wallace on August 18, 2015

Dividing up relationship property is a prickly topic and is not generally something which is planned for at wedding date. Aaron Wallace discusses some of the commercial and practical issues that should be considered when the time comes to go your separate ways.


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Topics: Business Valuation

How to value a business when everyone's an expert

Posted by Aaron Wallace on March 18, 2015

Nothing signifies the New Zealand summer more than having friends over for a BBQ and yarn over a few cold ones. But I was surprised one afternoon when, once the subjects of sports, politics and this year’s economy had been exhausted, that the conversation turned to how to value a business.


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Topics: Business Valuation