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What kind of KPI dashboard does your business need?

Posted by Matt Smith on November 08, 2017

Just like businesses, KPI dashboards come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and functions. However, we’ve found that they tend to fall into one of six categories—based on the challenges they help overcome.

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Topics: Business Improvement, Efficiency

Government releases $187m business tax package

Posted by Graham Lawrence on April 20, 2016

SMEs are estimated to make up 97% of enterprises in New Zealand and employ 30% of the workforce, excluding self-employed. Put simply, SMEs play a critical part in the economy and at a time when businesses are striving to better use resources, it is pleasing to see the Government announce a largely positive and pro-business tax package as part of the Inland Revenue’s Business Transformation and as one of the many measures we will see in Budget 2016.

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Topics: Tax, Efficiency

Are your IT resources working for you?

Posted by Aaron Wallace on April 18, 2016

After weeks of setting aggressive budgets for the coming year, all the focus seems to have been on growing top line, yet creating greater efficiencies has often played the poor cousin in developing strategies to grow our gross margin.

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Topics: Efficiency