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Grow your employee engagement and your business brand will follow

Posted by Mike Atkinson on August 25, 2015

Employee engagement is imperative for all businesses, but now, at a time when good talent is hard to find, it is critical that you invest in good retention strategies and proactively monitor staff satisfaction. But what do today's employees want; what makes them look elsewhere and what can you do to hold on to them?   

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3 employee share scheme options to help incentivise your team

Posted by Graham Lawrence on July 15, 2015

An effective way to attract, retain and incentivise your key people is by creating an employee share scheme. We introduce three popular employee share scheme options that every business should consider.

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We talk to the NZ Herald about Employee Share Scheme options

Posted by Graham Lawrence on December 17, 2014

The employee share-option route, whereby staff get an option to buy shares at a predetermined price is a popular way to get more buy-in, less churn from staff and hire people you might not otherwise be able to afford. Graham Lawrence talks to the New Zealand Herald.

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Employee Share Schemes now a viable option for NZ businesses

Posted by Aaron Wallace on November 28, 2013

Up until recently New Zealand legislation has forced the majority of Kiwi businesses to rule out employee share schemes on the grounds that they are too difficult and expensive to implement. What has changed and what benefits do businesses have to look forward to?

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