Delivering strategy, tactics and ultimately growth requires astute financial management, access to capital, the right capital structure and the right relationship with your bank.

What we do

Financial Modelling

  • Test your sales & cost budget planning from the bottom up to ensure alignment with strategy/tactics
  • Review budget assumptions and sensitivities, identify the ghosts and work out what needs to be done to bridge the gap
  • Understand your cashflow, and develop an integrated P&L, balance sheet and cashflow 3-way model

Banking Advisory

Our goal is to be NZ’s best SME banking advisory practice, improving access to bank capital. Our process and experience allows us to develop your financial and non financial information and provide it to the bank in the right format so that both the structure and cost of bank facilities can be optimised.

  • We understand the way banks assess and price risk so we can present and negotiate very effectively on your behalf
  • We’ll work with your existing bank to optimise the structure and cost of your banking facilities
  • We work with all NZ’s main banks and understand their requirements, their appetite and their products to ensure that you have the right banking partnership and are getting best from your bank.

Non- Bank Lending

Our goal is to provide the smartest boutique non bank lending in town, providing sub-debt or stand alone debt funding to drive the growth of NZ Inc.

  • If you are looking for more funding than the bank can provide, we’ll review your business plan, people, strategy and tactics then complete a deep dive on your businesses historical and forecast business performance, profit drivers, trading terms with customers and suppliers, approach to inventory, capital expenditure plans, working capital and cashflow
  • Our expertise allows us to quickly understand and assess whether a case for non-bank funding support exists either alongside main bank or as stand-alone debt
  • If a case for non-bank lending exists, we’ll work with our funding sources to find you the capital you need to move forward and make your magic

Equity Syndications

Via equity syndication, we connect long term committed capital, capability and connections with great privately owned businesses and get kiwis investing in kiwis to drive the growth of NZ Inc.

  • The syndicated business ownership model delivers capital to NZ business owners in exchange for shared business ownership and a return on capital for investors.
  • The syndicated business ownership structure is attractive to wholesale investors who are the primary source of equity capital
  • Our relationship with some of NZ’s market leading wealth managers affords us the access to strategy aligned investors with appetite to buy, hold and grow NZ businesses that are operating in stable sustainable sectors with strong cashflows and proven performance.
  • Syndicated business ownership is a partnership between the business owners, the syndicator and the investors to drive a step change in business scale or allow partial private business ownership divestment.

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