AIMES Emerging Talent & Scholarship Awards

The much-awaited AIMES Emerging Talent & Scholarship Awards was celebrated in great spirits at The Spencer On Byron Hotel, Takapuna on 12 May.

Members from Bellingham Wallace family were a part of the event to celebrate the achievements of the North Harbour youth. We are incredibly proud to be a partner with a Club that unashamedly promotes excellence and assists the youth to be the best they can. It is something that aligns with our value set.

Bellingham Wallace is a sponsor of the AIMES (Arts, IT, Innovation & Science, Music, Education, Sport and Service to the Community) Emerging Talent Awards, that recognise individuals whom have applied for the AIMES Awards and display considerable promise. The winners of Emerging Talent Awards also receive a grant of $7500 each for winning their respective category.

AIMES Awards Gala Dinner

Friday 6 May was a night of celebrating excellence at the AIMES award with the theme ‘shooting for the stars’ gala ceremony. The event was organized by the North Harbour Club at Bruce Mason Centre in Takapuna and was honored with the presence of 300+ guests.

The aim of the awards is to recognize young excellence in the fields of Arts, Innovation, Music, Education, Sport & Service to the community. We would like to congratulate all 2021/2022 AIMES award winners and wish them good luck for the future.

Sponsor Event for North Harbour Club

It was a great sponsor evening at Lexus of North Shore for Noth Harbour Club last week. We are thrilled to say Bellingham Wallace is a proud sponsor of the AIMES Emerging Talent Awards and Mike Atkinson, Vice President of North Harbour Club, will be the new president from the Annual General Meeting this year.