We know we can’t be all things to all people and neither do we want to be. But we also understand that business owners need access to different skills at different times. To ensure that we can deliver business owners end to end care, we have developed a network of organisations and people we both like and trust to deliver outside our core expertise.


A sample of what our network delivers includes

  • Lean Manufacturing – A production process to maximise productivity while simultaneously minimising waste within a manufacturing operation. The lean principle sees waste is anything that doesn’t add value that the customers are willing to pay for.
  • Sales Process – Document and detail best practice sales process into your own businesses playbook to improve customer engagement and sales conversion
  • Resilience & Mindfulness – Learning to thrive on change rather rather than survive it, the personal development program teaches to you to think outside and your immediate environment for optimal personal performance
  • Social Media – Determine which social media channels are most relevant for your business and how best to use the channels to deliver ROI on the social media investment.
  • Data Insights – Using local and international data sources to inform strategy and tactics, provide market intelligence, support activity prioritisation and make great business decisions.


Why we do it

Our clients success is our success. To ensure that, alongside our own expertise we bring specialist expertise so that together we can beat whatever challenge is presented

  • Our network of specialists are the best in their field with a track record and testimonials to prove it
  • Our knowledge of you and your business means we can introduce the right people at the right time to work through business challenges as they arise
  • If you engage a specialist from within the Bellingham Wallace network, we can prepare them, brief them and project manage the engagement.

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