The Bellingham Wallace Capital Trifecta: Banking Advisory, Non-bank Lending & Equity Syndication

The Bellingham Wallace Capital Trifecta: Banking Advisory, Non-bank Lending & Equity Syndication

The government backed scheme announced in the 2022 budget to partner with banks to provide equity funding for a NZ SME’s underlines the fact that SME’s struggle to access equity capital. But the challenge of accessing capital is not just equity, it’s also debt. Our answer at Bellingham Wallace is what we call the capital trifecta: Banking Advisory, Non-Bank Lending and Equity Syndication

Banking Advisory

We are in business to empower NZ SME’s to succeed by using our expertise and connections so businesses can get the best from their bank. We’ll create a financial model in the banks required format and craft your business story into a presentation reflecting exactly what the bank needs to understand about your business plan, people, strategy and tactics. By understanding your businesses historical and forecast performance, profit drivers, trading terms with customers and suppliers, inventory control, capital expenditure plans, working capital and cashflow we’ll gain the banks confidence, so they are comfortable to support you.

Our deep understanding of the way banks both assess and price risk means we can present and negotiate very effectively on your behalf. We are expert at optimising the structuring of bank facilities and work with all NZ’s main banks and understand their products, pricing, margins and financial metrics to ensure that you have the right banking partnership.

Non-Bank Lending

We’ve set ourselves up to provide the smartest boutique non-bank lending in town, providing capital in the form of subordinated debt or stand-alone funding to drive the growth of NZ Inc.

If businesses are looking for more funding than the bank can provide, our expertise allows us to quickly understand and assess whether a case for non-bank funding support exists either alongside main bank or as stand-alone debt. If a case for non-bank lending exists, we’ll work with our funding sources to find you the capital you need.

We understand how to work with main banks to ensure that the debt servicing and security structure supports the main bank transaction. Our non-bank lending proposition also considers transactions where the borrower is asset rich but with variable cashflows or repayment profiles that make main bank funding challenging.

Business Equity Syndication

We’ve been working intensively on a plan to deliver long term committed capital, capability and connections to drive the growth of NZ Inc. Our relationship with some of NZ’s smartest investment bankers and market leading wealth managers affords the access to strategy aligned investors with appetite to buy, hold and grow private NZ businesses.

For businesses, syndication is attractive to assist with family liquidity & diversification for inter-generational change, accelerating growth, embarking on the pathway to total exit and attracting skills, network, and talent.

For investors, syndications are attractive because the model delivers direct decisioning, good yield and balanced risk as well as knowledge of exactly who and what business is being invested in with an opportunity to get involved at a Board or advisory level.

Business Syndication is an opportunity to get “Kiwi’s investing in Kiwi’s” in an innovative way. It provides an alternative option for high quality businesses to access private capital to grow or allow existing owners to secure some liquidity in their investment. We firmly believe that the proportional ownership model reflects changing investor behavior as it supports private direct investment for wholesale investors.

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